The World War I reader : [primary and secondary sources]

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Neiberg Michael Scott
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New YorkLondon : New York University Press, cop. 2007
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Relié, 1 vol. (XVIII-375 p.), cartes : 26 cm
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Bibliogr. p. 367-370. Notes bibliogr. en fin de chapitre. Index
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The great illusion, 1910 / Sir Norman Angell Germany and the next war / General Friedrich von Bernhardi The "Willy-Nicky" telegrams / Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia The circus rider of Europe / Dennis Showalter The army and the nationalist revival / Douglas Porch The good soldier Schweik / Jaroslav Hasek Her privates we / Frederic Manning A soldier's notebook / Alexei Brusilov Officer-man relations : the other ranks' perspective / G. D. Sheffield "War enthusiasm" : volunteers, departing soldiers, and victory celebrations / Jeffrey Verhey Foch's general counteroffensive, part I: 26 September to 23 October, 1918 / David Trask The destruction of Louvain / Leon van der Essen The historic first of July / Philip Gibbs Between mutiny and obedience / Leonard V. Smith The live and let live system / Tony Ashworth Letters from a lost generation / Vera Brittain An English wife in Berlin / Evelyn Blücher Home fires burning / Belinda J. Davis The politics of race / Jennifer D. Keene The fourteen points / President Woodrow Wilson Views on a prospective armistice / Ferdinand Foch and John Pershing The military collapse of the German Empire / Wilhelm Deist Diggers and doughboys : Australian and American troop interaction on the Western Front, 1918 / Dale Blair Peacemaking, 1919 / Harold Nicolson British diplomacy : the Hussein-McMahon letters / Sir Henry McMahon, British High Commissioner in Cairo, to Hussein Ibn Ali, the Sherif of Mecca A peace to end all peace / David Fromkin The kings depart / Richard Watt
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Guerre mondiale (1914-1918)
Guerre mondiale (1914-1918), Sources
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