Gösta Mittag-Leffler : A Man of Conviction

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Stubhaug Arild
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Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Springer e-books, 2010
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Gösta Mittag-Leffler (1846 1927) played a significant role on the world stage as both a scientist and entrepreneur. Regarded as the father of Swedish mathematics, his influence extended far beyond his chosen field because of his extensive network of international contacts in science, business, and the arts. His social and professional circles included such luminaries as Selma Lagerlöf, Albert Einstein, Sonya Kovalevsky, Alfred Nobel, Karl Weierstrass, Henri Poincaré, and Marie Curie. (He was instrumental in seeing to it that the latter was awarded the Nobel Prize, not once but twice.) One of Mittag-Leffler s major accomplishments was the founding of the journal Acta Mathematica in 1882. Today the journal is still published by Institut Mittag-Leffler and Sweden s Royal Academy of Sciences, and it continues to be one of the most prestigious journals in mathematics. Arild Stubhaug s research for this monumental biography of the Swedish mathematician relied on a wealth of primary and secondary resources, including more than 30000 letters that are part of the Mittag-Leffler archives. Written in a lucid and compelling manner, the biography contains many hitherto unknown facts about Mittag-Leffler s personal life and professional endeavors. It will be of great interest to both mathematicians and general readers interested in science and culture
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Prelude Journey at the Turn of the Century The House in Djursholm Family and Childhood Leffler and Mittag Gösta s Parents The Teacher s Family in Stockholm Four Years at Stockholm Gymnasium Studies First Semester in Uppsala Festivities and Student Drills Summer on the West Coast The Aristocracy of Lennartsnäs Controversy over the Academic Degree Regulations His Sister s Debut and His Father s Illness First Trip Abroad The Stablemaster at Övrejärva Doctoral Degree Docent in Uppsala A Turning Point With a Room in Paris In Göttingen With a Base in Berlin Traveling to Helsingfors In the Finnish Capital Waiting Time Professor, Husband, and Entrepreneur Installation in Helsingfors, Anniversary Celebration in Uppsala In The Land Called Suomi First Encounter with Italy Meeting Signe Acta Mathematica Wedding and Honeymoon New Roles in Stockholm Acta and the College Sonya K. and the Brilliant Life Winter Travels Summer in Switzerland Strife in the Academy of Sciences Rector of the College Social Entertainments Abound A Terrible Summer Involved in All Manner of Things Traveling to Algeria Meeting in Wernigerode A New Shift in Stockholm King Oscar s Prize New Efforts on Sonya s Behalf Fame, Friends, and Enemies Construction in Djursholm Sonya s Death Life Goes On I Donation to the College Business Affairs, Birth and Death Life Goes On II Battlefields Celebrating His 50th Birthday Seeking a Practical, Useful Result A Marriage Teetering on the Brink One Thing After Another On the Verge of Bankruptcy Celebrating Niels Henrik Abel Two Funerals The Nobel Prizes, Another Battle The Almanac Dispute Signe s Inheritance Political Ambitions and Huge Business Ventures Celebrating His 60th Birthday King Oscar s Death More Celebrations and More Disputes The Big Poincaré Campaign From Dreams of Power to Resignation A New Home in the Dalarna Region Travels, Congresses, Prizes The Case Against Prime Minister Staaff World War, Writing His Will and Testament Establishment of a Mathematics Institute International Cooperation After the War Signe s Death Still on the Move New Travels and Financial Setbacks Last Years
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