Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems 2008

Auteur :
Hussain Amir
Aleksander Igor
Smith Leslie S.
Barros Allan Kardec
Chrisley Ron
Cutsuridis Vassilis
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New York, NY : Springer New York : Springer e-books, 2010
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Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology
Advances in experimental medicine and biology (Print)
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Brain Inspired Cognitive Systems 2008 (June 24-27, 2008; São Luís, Brazil) brought together leading scientists and engineers who use analytic, syntactic and computational methods both to understand the prodigious processing properties of biological systems and, specifically, of the brain, and to exploit such knowledge to advance computational methods towards ever higher levels of cognitive competence. This book includes the papers presented at four major symposia: Part I - Cognitive Neuroscience Part II - Biologically Inspired Systems Part III - Neural Computation Part IV - Models of Consciousness
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Cognitive Neuroscience Effects of Stimuli Intensity and Frequency on Auditory P50 and N100 Sensory Gating On Building a Memory Evolutive System for Application to Learning and Cognition Modeling Agent-Based Cognitive Model for Human Resources Competence Management Neural Accumulator Models of Decision Making in Eye Movements Biologically Inspired Systems On Building Meaning: A Biologically-Inspired Experiment on Symbol-Based Communication Perception-Action Learning as an Epistemologically-Consistent Model for Self-Updating Cognitive Representation Detection of Auditory Cortex Activity by fMRI Using a Dependent Component Analysis Brain-Computer Interface Using Wavelet Transformation and Naïve Bayes Classifier Neuromorphic Systems: Past, Present and Future Preface for Neural Computation (NC 2008) Genetic Algorithm Applied to Hierarchically Coupled Associative Memories Vector Quantization of Speech Frames Based on Self-Organizing Maps The Use of Bayesian Networks for Heart Beat Classification A Histogram Based Method for Multiclass Classification Using SVMs Models of Consciousness Ron Chrisley and Rob Clowes A Functional Approach to Emotion in Autonomous Systems A Robot Architecture Based on Higher Order Perception Loop The Consciousness Circuit - An Approach to the Hard Problem Computational Consciousness: Building a Self-Preserving Organism The Hippocampal System as the Cortical Resource Manager: A Model Connecting Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology Cognitive Measure on Different Profiles
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Computer science
Artificial intelligence
Computation by Abstract Devices
Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics)
Signal, Image and Speech Processing